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Custom Website Design

We will start with a blank slate and design the website specifically to your company's needs and goals

Responsive Website Design

You should have an responsive website that perform across all platform, desktops, tablets and smart phones

Domain Registrations, Transfers or Renewals

Need a perfect domain? Includes email, privacy, SSL & 24/7 support. Score a deal today! Maximum Data Security. Easy Domain Transfer. Email Account Included. Private Registration. New Domain Extensions

Logo Design

Kira Web Design is in a partnership with Joe Grimshaw Design for any logo or design needs.


Meet our clients

Thank you for visiting Kira Web Design and Hosting! We are one of New York's premiere Web Design Studios which is located in Cohoes New York.

We provide website design and hosting to several business across New York State and across the country.

We offer a personalized service to ensure that you and your business will receive exactly the website your business needs, to ensure you are successful in getting your name and business in front of potential clients.  Also with everyone using a tablet or cell phone, we will ensure that your website is mobile friendly and what is, currently known as a responsive web site, which will allow your clients or potential clients to view your website on any mobile or tablet device

One question to ask yourself is can I afford NOT to have a professional website?

Did you know that having a professional web site can help you increase sales and expose you and your business to thousands of new clients?

Contact us today for a FREE consultation or a FREE quote. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied then you pay nothing!


Brian Johnson
Phone number:
406 N Mohawk Street
Cohoes, NY 12047
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